Our site provides many payment methods for members

Why 3Upload is the best site?


Our website provides 24-hour support available. You can send us by communicating through the site or sending emails, or you can communicate via Facebook on our page #3Upload.


Through our website, you can profit by publishing our website on YouTube channels, spreading our website on forums, or by referring and profiting from those registered through you.


get payments in several ways we have, and if your payment methods are not available we can provide any payment methods for those who have a balance above easily with us, you do not have to worry.

3Upload 24/7 Support

The staff tries to be present all day

Provides email support, responding to you in many languages. You can talk to us in any language you prefer, and we will respond to you as soon as possible to solve your problem.

Call and don't hesitate

Are my files safe?

3Upload offers a lot of services to save your files

Easy Reporting

We accept all reports about files, we verify them correctly 100%

Hosting Platform

We always try to check the speed of downloads and improve file servers

Storage Copies

Your files are kept in several servers, and daily backups are taken so that we do not lose your files.

Why use 3Upload ?

Upload - Download

Through our website, you can quickly download, upload files easily, earn money in several ways, for example: sell your files, offer your own books for sale and get money in several ways.

Our website provides many payment methods. If your preferred method is not available, you can contact us to add it.

Get Started quickly

PHP Apps Supported

PHP has cross-platform applications, running on Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, and many platforms.

Storage space

Our website storage provides the longest period without losing the required file. You can buy additional space. You can keep the file for life.


Your files are always monitored by our website 24 hours a day, so there is 100% protection for your files..

Strategy control

Keep track of your spending. 路 Separate wants from needs. 路 Avoid using credit to pay your bills. 路 Save regularly.

Customer friendly

Customer friendly is a term for products, services and experiences that are designed from the customer's point of view.

Payment Security

The first thing that is crucial for your payment security is ensuring that you have an SSL protocol .

Payment methods

You can withdraw your money in the easiest way and the fastest payment times

Payment Daily

We pay daily starting from just $1 with more payment methods

Payment Proof

Our site tries daily to increase profits and reduce ads on the site to get a better experience.

Make Money

Upload, Share & Make Money

Explore your options, and map out your path to success.

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